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Is it possible for your damaged car to be brought back to a new condition? At Auto-Fit Maintenance Centre Ltd, our answer to this question is YES! Our top-class service rendered using latest equipment and facilities will certainly restore your car to its original state.

For your convenience, we offer visual estimates that'll help you get an idea of how much the repair work can cost. For an accurate estimate, you need to email us the following:

  • VIN number from inside the driver's door
  • Clear picture of the point of damage or impact
  • Clear (overall) photos of the damaged panel(s)
  • Clear (overall) photos of the adjacent panels next to the damage
  • Pictures of all 4 corners of the vehicle
  • License plate

Disclaimer: Visual estimate is based on the pictures provided. It is likely to change after an in-person inspection or disassembly of the vehicle.

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