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Instead of blending in with the crowd, why not bring your vehicle to us and get the perfect paint job you've always wanted! You'll love the results.

Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to use your VIN number to determine the correct paint code the manufacturer used at the factory. A precise scale system allows us to measure and color match the paint to ensure a flawless refinish.

Other refinish services available include: Pinstriping, Buffing (individual panels), Wet sand and Polish (individual panels), Touch ups, Light scuff and scratch removal (individual panels).

If you need other repair work done on your vehicle, give us a call. No need to make two trips when you can have it done all at the same time!

Get your Car Painted by Us and See the Difference

We don't just paint, we dazzle! Get your vehicle to our Auto Shop and let us dazzle you with our delivery. Majority of our customers have testified about the quality of our painting. So why not refer your company to give us a trial rather than getting it done where you wouldn't be satisfied. Contact us today.

What people are saying:

Excellent Services

Providing our customers with excellent services - satisfying their requirements and expectations at all times.

Prompt Delivery

Continually dedicated to prompt delivery of quality services being a foremost Auto body repair centre in Nigeria.

Satisfied Customers

We pride ourselves on the number of satisfied customers in our clientele and ever-increasing referrals.